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After living with Joule for the past 2 years,  my verdict  is that I’m in love. For instant, the ease of use through a well design app interface to a simple to clean design of this machine. Certainly, this immersion circulator probably is one of THE BEST on the market by far. That is to say, I have been through lots of immersion circulators. From the heavy duty professional kitchen models of PolyScience to the Anova Precision Cooker. In short, I am impressed with Joule performance despite these competitors. 

Joule can heat the water batch up to 10 gallon. However, I found that the machine having a tough time stabilizing the temperature in a larger volume of water. For instant, especially when it comes to a higher temperature range (upward 75ºC), longer cooking time (24-48 hours), and larger food items (lamb leg, whole prime rib, or whole turkey). To clarify, Joule can sous vide 1 or 2 whole lamb legs with no problem, providing tight cover lid and large container with enough room for water to circulate. But I would op for PolyScience, if you are doing something in a larger scale like big banquet event of commercial application.  

On the other hand, it is a formidable little workhorse when it comes down to meal prepping and daily home kitchen application. As a result, I use the machine almost daily for prepare my meals. In addition Joule is perfect for making or warming an amazing chicken breast. As some of you into healthy cooking, Joule is the perfect fit for the lifestyle. 

For example, using Joule to sous vide for weekly meal prep chicken breasts, vegetables, and then store them in the freezer. Whenever I want to eat I just warm them up with Joule and the food came out perfectly cooked. The moistest and tenderest chicken breast you will ever have. Long gone the day of meal prep chicken breast that as dry as a cardboard is a thing in the past. So consequently, this tend to help you stay on track of your diet guideline. 

To sum up, I highly recommend Joule. It is perfect for daily use, very easy to operate, quite, and sleek design. Furthermore; did I mentioned that it can communicate with Alexa through Amazon Echo? 🙂

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