Fish stuffed with herbs on the grill or Pla Pao

Thai Style Coal-Roasted Fish

Pla Pao Thai style coal-roasted fish or Pla Pao is another Thai street food staple. This dish can be made by many varieties of whole fish. However, the size of the fish should not exceed 2 lbs. Street vendors in Thailand usually use freshwater fish such as catfish, tilapia, and sneak head. These fish are …

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Red dried chili on a wood board

Nam Jim Jaew

Thai Style Grilled Dipping Sauce Nam Jim Jaew is a Thai dipping sauce serves alongside grilled meat or poultry. This dipping sauce is originated from the North Eastern part of Thailand and usually really spicy. However, tone down the spiciness based on your preferences is recommended. Also, this recipe is delicious with Gai Yang and Moo …

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