Gyoza or Japanese pan fry dumplings


Japanese Pan Fry Dumplings Gyoza is another popular dish in Japan. You can bet your money on Gyoza to be on the menu at street food stalls, izakaya, ramen shops or even convenience stores. Hence, Japanese crazed for Gyoza is the real deal. The Japanese Gyoza originated from Chinese dumplings called Jiaozi. Also, this Chinese …

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Miso Soup with steamed rice on a brown tray with chopsticks and side dishes

Miso Soup

Miso Soup Homemade Style From home-cooked meal to the restaurant, Miso soup is there as an accompaniment to a bowl of steamed rice. That is to say, the traditional soup has been consumed almost daily by the Japanese. Miso soup is a great example of simplicity in Japanese cuisine. Therefore, consisted of only 3 components. …

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Yaki Soba or Japanese Style Stir fry Noodles


Japanese Style Stir fry Noodles Yakisoba has been rank among the top dishes in Japanese comfort food category. Hence, you can literally find Yakisoba everywhere in Japan. It has become an icon for Japanese street food. Also, the preparation is super easy. For instance, you only need a Japanese style iron griddle (Teppan) for cooking. …

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Tonkatsu or Japanese Fried Pork Cutlet with shredded cabbage and black soup bowl


Japanese Fried Pork Cutlet Tonkatsu is a super popular dish among the Japanese. Hence, most restaurants in Japan often have some kind of version of Tonkatsu. For instance, Katsu Ramen (ramen noodles topped with fried pork cutlet), Katsu Curry (Japanese style curry with fried pork cutlet), or Katsu Don (fried pork cutlet on top of …

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Red dried chili on a wood board

Nam Jim Jaew

Thai Style Grilled Dipping Sauce Nam Jim Jaew is a Thai dipping sauce serves alongside grilled meat or poultry. This dipping sauce is originated from the North Eastern part of Thailand and usually really spicy. However, tone down the spiciness based on your preferences is recommended. Also, this recipe is delicious with Gai Yang and Moo …

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