My friends call me Sutti. Since you here guess that means you can call me Sutti, huh..? ๐Ÿ™‚

Welcome to the Munch-able!

I was raised in Thailand in a mixed Asain family home. Cooking, eating and traveling have been my interest since I was little. Beginning my career in professional kitchens at an early age has opened many opportunities to travel the world. From the snowy peak of the Rocky to the deep blue Caribbean Sea, the evergreen jungle of Southeast Asia to the bustling street of New York Times Square. Therefore, world trekking has opened my brain about food cultures and my pallet in authentic flavors that weaved into the way I cook. Now I call the island of Puerto Rico home and another chapter of my journey has begun.

Making this website is to share my knowledge for food lovers and world trekkers who passionate about sharing recipes, photos, tips u0026amp; tricks also talk about food. Whatever floats your boat *baby!!!

In conclusion, my writing style will be my own personal take on recipes. I almost always improvise when I’m in the kitchen cooking. The love of Jazz has a tremendous impact on the way I approach cuisines. Sometimes you have an amazing jam session with the band but the other times you don’t. The late Miles Davis once said โ€œDo not fear mistakes – there are none. โ€ Consequently, I’m constantly experimenting, researching, expanding and developing my recipes. Foreshadowing my first cookbook *wink* ๐Ÿ˜‰


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